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Haven’t done one of these in a while.. But I bought a new pedal which had a looper and this was fun. Not my favourite song in the world but here is Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People. If you liked it.. Why not check out my band?

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Yo people! We released our debut EP a couple of weeks ago! Go check it out. Theres five tracks and you can name your price on the download or (type in a ‘0’ and get em for free). 

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These Remains • Wolf Choir

A week ago we caught wind of these guys, and today they’ve released their EP Mountains and Other Nice Things. Not only are we huge fans of their title choice, but the 5 tracks follow suit. The trio out of the UK has managed to produce a coherent, fluid indie record with just the slightest bit of funk, making for a great flow from start-to-finish. Their track-listing is pretty genius, as well— the intro track, “Dilute”, is without a doubt the best representation of their talent. From there, it’s truly a pleasure to keep on listening. Some of the songs start off slow, with 50-second-or-more instrumental introductions, but if you can dig their steady melodies & rad riffs, you won’t be disappointed. The vocals radiate like an Alex Turner / David Monks hybrid… All you have to do is hit up iTunes, pick it up, and you’re golden. 

Hello People. My band Wolf Choir released our first EP today! It would be great if you could all check it out or even download it maybe.. It’s name your price! Thank you! :) x

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Dilute • Wolf Choir

Occasionally, we get pretty lucky in life. About 30 minutes ago, the band Wolf Choir followed us on here. About 10 minutes ago, I made the decision to check out their song on Soundcloud. It may be the best decision I make all week, and it’s only Monday. I’m seriously impressed. Their EP Mountains and Other Nice Things is coming out on September 19th— be sure to pick it up.